We design forward — customizing fine jewelry that empowers the wearer, the maker, and everyone in between.


Our jewelry is proudly handcrafted in the USA by skilled craftspeople who use recycled metals, certified or lab grown diamonds, and traceable gemstones. Our jewelry studio employs no-waste or low-waste processes and we use eco-friendly products for packaging.

Step 1
Meet with us in person or over video chat to discuss your vision for a beautifully handcrafted jewelry piece.
Step 2
We create photorealistic images and an animation of your jewelry. Once approved, it’s time to try on!
Wax Modeling
Step 3
An exact replica of your jewelry is 3D printed in wax. See how it fits and visualize it coming to life!
Step 4
A mould is created from your wax model, then molten metal is cast into the mould to create the actual jewelry piece.
Step 5
Once your metal casting is cooled and cleaned up, diamonds and gemstones are set into place.
Step 6
A high polish, satin, matte, or textured finish completes your piece and adds the unique and beautiful finishing touch.
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Custom Made Pieces
Radiant Diamond Ring
Australian Opal Ring
Celtic Wedding Band
Heirloom Diamond Pendant
East-West Oval Diamond Ring
Twisted Rope Diamond Band
Amethyst Half-Bezel Ring
Diamond & Sapphire Bypass Ring
A Little About Sara
Sara Gallo is an artist, jeweler, and CAD designer based in Lancaster, PA. She earned her BFA from Millersville University and MFA with a concentration in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM from Temple University (Tyler School of Art). As a trained bench jeweler with more than 10 years of experience in the jewelry industry, Sara’s artistic eye brings a unique quality to her work. Her passion for blending ancient practices of metalsmithing, such as lost wax casting, with new technologies like 3D printing, provides a highly personal and custom experience to every client.

What our


are saying

Angela B.
“I had sent my fiance a lot of ideas about what I wanted and he collaborated with Sara to make the ring of my dreams. I get so many compliments. I imagine that this ring will be in my family for a long time and become an heirloom. It is truly the perfect combination of unique and timeless. It is everything I wanted for my engagement ring.”
Geena T.
“Sara refined my idea and made it aesthetically perfect and truly sentimental.”
Brett G.
“Sara’s ability to work with my ideas proved flawless with the finished product.”