Killer Heels: The Art of the High Heeled Shoe tour ends soon! Catch it now at The Frick Museum in Pi

My KILLER HEELS adventure began in 2014 at the Brooklyn Museum in New York and will soon end with the closing of the exhibit at The Frick Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Sara Gallo visits the KILLER HEELS Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

Needless to say, I had a FANTASTIC time in the exhibit and took my good ol' time exploring the gift shop! I don't think I'll be wearing heels like Gaga's anytime soon, though...

Click to view photos from my adventure below. You should know, I love New York pizza!!

Sara Gallo Jewelry in gift shop at The Frick Museum for the KILLER HEELS exhibit

June 11-September 4, 2016

KILLER HEELS explores fashion’s most provocative accessory. From the high platform chopines of 16th-century Italy to the glamorous stilettos on today’s runways and red carpets, the exhibition looks at the high-heeled shoe’s rich and varied history and its enduring place in our popular imagination. As fashion statement, fetish object, instrument of power, and outlet of artistic expression for both the designer and the wearer, throughout the ages the high-heeled shoe has gone through many shifts in style and symbolism.

The Frick Museum Pittsburgh

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