MariClaRo has been manufacturing bags and accessories since 2008. The materials used are declared waste materials that are reclaimed and salvaged. Every year, MariClaRo process tons of well-traveled automotive and aircraft leather, thousands of discarded seat belts, large amounts of truck and construction tarps and furniture upholstery.


The Canadian-German team has very high quality standards. They apply recycled materials in a quality-conscious way, insisting on superb design and functionality. All pieces are individually handmade in studio, in Snow Road Station, Canada!

About the Three Speed Collection featured in the SHOP


There are white ones, incarcerated ones, skunky ones and those of the sweet candy variety. Bass tend to blend in with them while tigers wear them with pride…so why shouldn’t you? We are not pulling rank on you here, but just think of the Stripes on our handcrafted repurposed seatbelt bags as anti-camouflage to combat a dreary throw-away scene. This is the Three Speed Line Up…